Therapy & Rehabilitation

Tailored stroke recovery programs, physical therapy for injury treatment, and personalized post-operative rehabilitation programs.

Pain Treatments

Personalized treatments programs for various types of chronic pain using a multi-disciplinary approach with different technologies.


Treatments of all forms of brain and pain issues including migraine, stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and other diseases.

Medical rehabilitation, physical therapy & pain treatment in Chiang Mai

ChivaCare is a Health and Medical Center

ChivaCare, our doctors, and our therapists are licensed by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand. Our doctors are educated internationally, and our official license is as a polyclinic, a medical center with multiple medical fields including neurology, general medicine, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. 

ChivaCare is conveniently located in the center of Chiang Mai’s medical district. Through our partnerships with local faculties of medicine at Chiang Mai University and a network of clinics, ChivaCare can also draw on a wide array of medical experts.

Our customers include Thais, foreign residents of Thailand, as well as international visitors for who we provide one-stop services including accommodation and transport once they are arrive in Chiang Mai.

Physical Therapy and Pain Treatment

Our doctors and physical therapists are well-known experts in musculoskeletal problems, joint and muscle rehabilitation after surgery, and neurological and brain-related pain such as migraine.  We help patients overcome physical pain such as myofascial, office syndrome, osteoarthritis, and lower back pain.

Our physical therapists apply both manual and machine-based treatments including movement treatment, deep tissue, medical massage, yoga, aqua therapy, and dry needling.

ChivaCare create safezone for you – Due to the poor air quality (PM2.5) in Chiang Mai at the moment ChivaCare has installed air purifiers throughout the clinic to improve the air quality and make it safe for our customers and employees.

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