Body and Health Check-up for Older Adults

Why has ChivaCare developed a Body and Health Checkup program designed specifically for older adults?

Healthcare for older adults is more delicate and complex compared to other ages. Two in three older adults will have more than one chronic disease. There are also diseases that are specific to the elderly such as Alzheimer’s and movement difficulties. Some of these may be passed off as a process of natural deterioration due to age. However, active and healthy life can help to prevent or alleviate such problems. If a diagnosis is made early on, more can be done to help and prevent it.

Who is should do the Body and Mind Health Check-up Program?
– Adults aged 60 and above who would like to get an annual physical exam, and undergo a comprehensive geriatric assessment, learn how to improve their health and become more active.
– Elder adults who have health problems. These may include forgetfulness, reduced self-care abilities, mobility issues, poor balance, fatigue, and generally poor health.

What is included?

1 Memory and Cognitive screening


2 Gait and Balance screening

– Static and Dynamic Sitting-Standing test
– Time Up & Go

3 Flexibility screening

– Shoulder rotation flexibility test
– V-sit test
– Groin flexibility test

4 Cardio and blood vessel endurance

– Submaximal treadmill test

5 Arm and hand muscle strength

– Jamar handgrip strength measurement

6 The activity of Daily Living screening

– Modified Barthel ADL Index

7 Depression screening

– Depression screening 9Q

include various tests as well as:

– Weight, Body Mass Index
– Blood pressure
– Oxygen saturation in the blood
– Review of existing medical examination (blood test etc.)

Duration including consultation 45 mins to 1 hr.

What will be received from this assessment?: Full physical examination results and interpretation will be provided together with suggestions of suitable exercise and activities, these could include adjustments to lifestyle, daily routines, nutrition, sleep, and environment.

Our recommendations will be tailored to home environments and rely on available equipment and tools as much as possible.

Let us help with a better life and a more active life. Promotion only 780 Baht from 1,000 Baht. Additionally an optional Audiogram (Hearing test) for 400 Baht (reduced from 500) by our partner Eartone.