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Special Promotion! Why should you get a health assessment at ChivaCare now?

The Coronavirus has shown us our vulnerabilities. Due to work, lifestyles, the food we eat, our bodies have become more vulnerable. Even people that consider themselves fit, sometimes have posture and flexibility issues that can lead to a longer-term problem. Our four assessments focus on the body and overall health. If your endurance, flexibility, and

Health & Body Assessment beat Covid-19

Physical fitness check-ups assess your strength, balance, posture, flexibility, functional movement score. The assessment is helpful for all ages in treatment and for prevention. Are you planning new exercises or lifestyle changes? Or do you have chronic pain or have had an operation? What options for evaluation should you consider? Annual health check-ups with a

Myofascial Release: New Therapeutic Options

Myofascial Release: New Therapeutic Options Besides our muscles, bones and organs, examining fascia are essential for finding the cause of pain. Fascia is a specialized system of the body with an appearance similar to a spider’s web or a knitted sweater. If you have pain in your left foot, you may feel the pain in

Partnership ChivaCare: Dr.Prasit Clinic

ChivaCare x Dr.Prasit Clinic Orthopedic surgery specialized in shoulder, knee, and elbow. You will find it convenient to Consult with the orthopedic surgeon, Dr.Prasit Wongtriratanachai Customize a rehabilitation program with a physical therapist Consult with the medical team about the surgery process Track recovery for best results Experience seamless integration of pre-hab and post-operative rehab

“Elderly Care I do not stress” includes tips to take care of yourself by an elderly caregiver

The increasing integration of societies worldwide combined with advances in medicine and technological advances have resulted in people living longer. But with this comes chronic illnesses in the elderly and a greater need for close supervision of their needs.