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Comprehensive Physical Therapy Check-up

Annual health Checks-ups with blood test, x-ray, etc. are important, but are they enough? Your body might have other problems not identified by these tests. Internationally, physical therapy check-ups that assess you strength, balances, flexibility, are considered important and are recommended for all ages and genders. Planning new exercises and lifestyle changes? -> Be ready to

Intensive Stroke Recovery Program 3 Weeks

Stroke is a leading cause of disability and can have a high impact on life and work. It affects the patient, family members, and can cause economic problems. Good recovery from stroke requires specific and intensive therapy. ChivaCare has developed an intensive stroke recovery program that consists of 3 parts; Detailed assessment by neurologist, Specific medication for

Asst. Prof. Pakorn Wivatvongvana, M.D.

ChivaCare Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that Asst. Prof. Pakorn Wivatvongvana, M.D. has joined our team as specialist consultant for rehabilitation medicine. Together with our other doctors and therapists, Dr. Pakorn develop new services, oversees our rehabilitation therapy programs, attends to patients during clinic hours, and ensures that the highest standards are met. Dr. Pakorn