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Fast Body Posture Analysis with Japanese Software.

Suffering from chronic pain you cannot get rid off ? We have many patients every month – a lot of them of which have previously gone to chiropractors, Thai massage or orthopedic hospitals with no success. Sometimes traditional methods just do not work. That’s why we incorporate the latest technological advancements in physical therapy from

Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss Program

Diabetes is one of the world’s leading health problems and has been on the rise in Thailand. To avoid serious health complications or worse, we recommend this program for anybody who could be at risk.  Our Diabetes Program integrates detailed medical, health and physical therapy assessments with one of partner clinics or hospitals. The main activities

Body and Health Check-up for Older Adults

Why has ChivaCare developed a Body and Health Checkup program designed specifically for older adults? Healthcare for older adults is more delicate and complex compared to other ages. Two in three older adults will have more than one chronic disease. There are also diseases that are specific to the elderly such as Alzheimer’s and movement

Special Promotion! Why should you get a health assessment at ChivaCare now?

The Coronavirus has shown us our vulnerabilities. Due to work, lifestyles, the food we eat, our bodies have become more vulnerable. Even people that consider themselves fit, sometimes have posture and flexibility issues that can lead to a longer-term problem. Our four assessments focus on the body and overall health. If your endurance, flexibility, and

Health & Body Assessment beat Covid-19

Physical fitness check-ups assess your strength, balance, posture, flexibility, functional movement score. The assessment is helpful for all ages in treatment and for prevention. Are you planning new exercises or lifestyle changes? Or do you have chronic pain or have had an operation? What options for evaluation should you consider? Annual health check-ups with a

How to control your high blood pressure without medication .

You can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke in 10 ways. Note if you have high blood pressure, you should still consider consulting a medical doctor. 1. Lose weight Because being overweight can cause disrupted breathing while you sleep, which further raises your blood pressure. Weight loss is

Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Early detection and treatment with cognitive training

What is Early-onset Alzheimer’s? Early-onset Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that occurs in people younger than age 65. Of 44 million people who have Alzheimer’s disease around the world, about 5 percent develop symptoms before the age 65.  Most people with early-onset Alzheimer’s develop symptoms of the disease in their 40s and 50s. One

Common Golf Injuries and What To Do About Them

Golf Injuries Golf is one of the most well known and interesting sports. The modern golf game originated in 15th-century Scotland and has since spread successfully around the world. Playing golf requires high mental concentration along with physical components such as good body balance, muscle strength, muscle flexibility. Body coordination contributes to performing the proper