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Fast Body Posture Analysis with Japanese Software.

Suffering from chronic pain you cannot get rid off ? We have many patients every month – a lot of them of which have previously gone to chiropractors, Thai massage or orthopedic hospitals with no success. Sometimes traditional methods just do not work. That’s why we incorporate the latest technological advancements in physical therapy from

Common Golf Injuries and What To Do About Them

Golf Injuries Golf is one of the most well known and interesting sports. The modern golf game originated in 15th-century Scotland and has since spread successfully around the world. Playing golf requires high mental concentration along with physical components such as good body balance, muscle strength, muscle flexibility. Body coordination contributes to performing the proper

Pain After a Stroke : What Should You Know?

Pain After a Stroke After a stroke, many patients experience significant pain problems. There are numerous potential causes and locations of pain. The pain can be generated by brain injury, lack of movement, bad posture, and psychological or medical effects. The range of post-stroke pain may include muscle or joint pain, severe headaches and other

7 Warning Signs of Bone and Joint Problems

7 Warning Signs of Bone and Joint Problems Have you ever felt pain and discomfort in any of your joints? Joint pain is very common and it’s important to pay attention to symptoms that may indicate joint and bone problems. Several conditions that can lead to aching joints include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, strains, sprains,

Muscle Pain and Office Syndrome Therapy Program

We provide treatment programs for muscle pain and office syndrome. Please contact us on Facebook, website, LINE or telephone to make an appointment with our medical doctor and or physical therapists.   We issue medical certificates to claim for company allowances. We provide packages for companies and organizations. Office work related pain can reduce productivity