ChivaCare at Health Care Event 2019

On 30th June, ChivaCare was invited to talk on Health Care Event 2019 at Impact Hall 5, Bangkok. On the main stage, we shared a talk by Dr.Surat Tanprawate and Mr.Martin Venzky-Stalling, our Co-founders including Nutnaree Gowanichgul, physical therapist about New options for rehabilitation, recovery and prevention We talked about how a combination of evidence-based treatments (integrative), a holistic and person-centered approach and a good environment can help with recovery and reboot. Naree, one of ChivaCare therapists, also did a little exercise with the audience. Chiang Mai is an ideal place for recovery and reset. ChivaCare is part of the move to develop Chiang Mai from being a wellness destination to being a wellness and medical hub. I talked about how particularly physical therapy is positioned entirely differently in Germany. Germany has almost 180,000 physiotherapists (Thailand a few thousand) and in some districts of some cities there are more physical therapy clinics than there are bakeries according to one report. Germans widely accept and understand the benefits of physical therapy and German insurances often cover it knowing that in the end, this is more economical. The situation in Thailand is, Dr.Surat explained, quite different, many people are looking to medicine or operations as the fix, forsaking alternative, preventive and fuller recovery options. Germany also has many rehab-clinic which are a combination of clinics and resorts. People regularly go there for recovery, accepting that it sometimes takes three or more weeks to improve. Being in a nicer place helps with motivation and discipline. In cooperation with places like Jirung, VivoBene, Holiday Inn, Baan Sabai, and others. ChivaCare is turning Chiang Mai into destination leveraging the many things that Chiang Mai has to offer and adding our medical and holistic approach. After our talk (available as a video) many people joined us in our reserved VIP room for further Q&A and discussions – over tea from Monsoon tea and dark chocolate from Siamaya.

See the video here: Video Health Talk : มิติใหม่การดูแล-ฟื้นฟูสุขภาพผู้ป่วยเรื้อรัง

This talk was provided in Thai.