Fast Body Posture Analysis with Japanese Software.

Suffering from chronic pain you cannot get rid off ?

We have many patients every month – a lot of them of which have previously gone to chiropractors, Thai massage or orthopedic hospitals with no success. Sometimes traditional methods just do not work. That’s why we incorporate the latest technological advancements in physical therapy from Japan to assist in traditional pain relief methods.

Bad Posture Causes Back Pain

We just cannot stress it often enough – adopting a correct posture is very important. Many patients that visit our clinic suffer from pain that can be attributed to it. Bad posture can cause pain even when idle – when just sitting, standing or lying down for an extended period.

We urge you to try this right now – roll your shoulders back, straighten your back, and pull your neck backwards. Give it 5 minutes and you’ll feel an immediate improvement. If this causes discomfort, the condition you’re experiencing might be severe. Seek help now and give us a call.

Posture problems can just lead to pain, discomfort and less active live, but they can also lead to more significant and permanent damage, reduce your ability to work or exercise and some an operation might be required. Knowing posture problems can help you fix problems or pain without an operation, stay healthy, stay more active.

Assessments by ChivaCare

ChivaCare has developed various body, health and physical therapy assessments that analysis the musculoskeletal system of our bodies. Posture is one of the key aspects, others are functional movement, flexibility, strengths, stamina, and balance. But postural analysis is a good starting point and posture problems can be the result of important other health problems or can be an early warning of future problems.

Japanese Software

Our therapists can conduct these assessments without a tool, however, ChivaCare recently partnered with a Japanese company to provide their “Yugamiru” software which uses an AI algorithm and an extensive database to compare, analyze and make recommendations. In addition, the software is easy to use, the assessment is fast, and easy to understand visual reports for therapists and patient can be printed or emailed within minutes.

They assessment can also be connected to analysis of stroke impact, Parkinson’s, overweight, sport injuries, bone and joint deterioration, and other.

The software measures postural instability and muscle balance from digital images. It is very easy to set up and data is visualized well. The posture and muscle balance report includes an image display of a body distorted with the evaluated scores as well. The report provides proper advice and solutions for recommendable training, exercise and fitness for improvement on hindrance caused by distortion.

The physical therapists can provide additional explanation and recommendations. If the therapists or the software identifies serious problems, then we recommend a more detailed manual assessment by one of our physical therapists.

Do not wait until it is too late, your pain becomes chronic, you can no longer do your favorite activities, or worse, in the future you might need more serious interventions and treatments.

Watch two videos about the analysis



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