Medical Massage Studio

Medical Massage Studio 

We’re gladly announcing the pre-opening of ChivaCare Medical Massage Studio, ChivaCare’s latest service. At the studio, we provide several types of massage which cover both relaxing and therapeutic massage such as migraine massage, chronic pain massage. 

With ChivaCare Signature Massage, we combine ChivaCare medical standard with PT assessment to evaluate your physical health which is usually neglected. Our physical therapists will assess your movement and check your pain while taking precaution and contraindication into account. Then consult with our therapists to provide safe and recovery therapeutic massage.

Not only that you will be treated by highly trained professionals, but our collaboration with local artists and Studio Naenna Studio. This will help you relax even further with the Modern Lanna style.

Check it out at our medical massage studio now.

Call for more information or reservation NOW at 096-9800126