Occupational Therapy in Integrated Treatment

Occupational therapy focuses on fine motoric, cognitive function, pre-speech and activities that enable a return to work or daily life. Only two universities in Thailand train occupational therapists, one in Chiang Mai University. There are even fewer clinics and even hospitals with occupational therapists and at ChivaCare the occupational therapy department is a key part of our interdisciplinary and integrated care offering. Occupational therapists help with cognitive issues (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s), stroke recovery, and rehabilitation of nerve damage, e.g. from spine operations. 

They also assist in issues with fingers, toes, and face muscles, stimulating nerves, and small muscles. The ability to consult and include occupational therapists has assisted many patients who did not even know that an occupational therapist could help them. 

We also provide internationally recognized cognitive assessments (DLOTCA) can recommend activities at home. This is quite popular with people who want to learn how to protect themselves as much as possible.

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