Referring Patients

Easy Referrals


If you are a doctor or healthcare professional and would like to refer a patient, please contact us by telephone, email or LINE, or advise the patient to contact us directly. If you are interested in regularly referring patient to ChivaCare, we have an easy referral processes for doctors registered as partners.

In addition, please enquire about benefits available for doctors who refer patients to us. We are happy to make an appointment to welcome you to our facilities or schedule a meeting to discuss how to work together and best support your patients at a place convenient for you.

Medical Services

ChivaCare actively works with doctors at private and government hospitals and specialized clinics. Doctors trust our professional services supervised by doctors and experienced therapy professionals. They value the convenience of working with ChivaCare, and the fair, accessible and professional service we provide their patients.


Neurological and pain conditions are treated at our Brain Clinic, a recognized leader in Thailand. Our services includes physical therapy for a range of conditions. When considered helpful, we provide holistic care, life coaching, and other tailored wellness services for a better lifestyle and healthy aging.

Collaborate With Us

Having open collaboration with other groups is a powerful way to build up society – introducing best practices to improve quality of life and address society’s major medical challenges. We are organized to collaborate with a range of companies and organizations, as experience has shown partnerships bring opportunities for value creation whether personally for professionals passionate about these areas, or for educational organisations, students or researchers. We invite you to collaborate with our team through participation in projects, internships, degree projects or skills development.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Project Collaboration
  • Internships
  • Technology Assessments
  • Start-up
  • Patient Referral
  • Business Partnerships
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