Collaboration Research

To find innovative medical and holistic solutions, the ChivaCare team collaborates with pioneering organizations and institutions. Projects identified for consideration are those with highly effective mechanisms for fostering internal R&D ideas and collaboration.We continue to select opportunities that lead to published papers, patent applications and good fortune when projects receive subsequent funding and launch as startups.

Areas of Interest

Creating health care services through innovation and creativity is now crucial to excellence in clinical care. Comprehensive programs that bring together science and art create new challenges in developing innovative methods and therapeutic approaches.

Brain related disorders and comprehensive rehabilitation using creative and innovative methods define our areas of interest. Our projects support, high quality health care for the local community.

We welcome collaboration with appropriate technology start-ups and partners working to development breakthroughs that will help our healthcare customers.

In-house Development

Holistic Care & Integrated Models

We bring together medical practice, creative principles and applied technology to develop a new model of medical service that solves real clinical challenges. The overall organizing protocol is a holistic care model that considers the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual needs of each person, his or her response to illness and the effects of the illness on their ability to meet self-care needs. We aim to advance an integrated model of technology with creative methods to achieve therapeutic success.

Care Programs

Our care programs consist of evaluation, doctor consultations, physiotherapy, holistic and integrated therapies and complementary wellness services. Creative services such as Art Therapy are offered to enhance cognitive improvement in our clients.

International Partners

Advances in health care always involve much collaboration. In order to better serve the community, ChivaCare is developing collaborative projects with healthcare professionals, and a patient care platform with our overseas partners.

Through high-impact, mission-driven collaborations with leading health providers, governments and educational institutions around the world, ChivaCare continues to strive to develop and offer improvements to care services.

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