Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

“Before progressive deterioration of memory and daily function,cognitive training can help to prevent and reduce loss from Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”

Progression of Memory Decline in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia forms have significant progression of memory and cognitive function loss. Taking anti-dementia medication slows down the disease’s natural progression, but cannot cure it. Added multimodal therapy with cognitive training can add benefits and slow if not prevent further  progression.

Therapy Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease Patients

Enhance Quality of Life

Occupational therapy practitioners work with individuals who have Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and with their families, to maximize occupational engagement, promote safety and enhance quality of life. A variety of skilled techniques may be used when working with an individual who has AD, depending on the focus of the intervention, the stage of the disease process and the treatment setting.


Evaluating a person with AD should begin with an occupational profile of the individual’s valued activities, roles in their life routines and current level of occupational performance. It is essential to identify the remaining abilities of the person with AD rather than to focus solely on what he or she can no longer do.

Exercise Routines

For maximum performance in preferred activities, we incorporate exercise routines into our interventions to improve the performance of daily activities and functional mobility, and to help restore a wider range of motion, strength and endurance

Cognitive Training

To train speed of processing is a well-established method to enhance memory and cognition. The program includes the use of games, or computer programs that are designed to train the brain to focus on particular functions through repeated practice of related tasks that increase in difficulty over time.

Duration of Cognitive Training

The cognitive training is continuous process. We can see benefits from it within a few weeks of intervention.