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These are the treatments and programs provided by ChivaCare Medical & Physical Therapy Center. With a multidisciplinary team working together under one roof, the latest technical equipment and evidence-based treatments, ChivaCare provides integrated and personalized programs for customers, to achieve faster and better recovery, avoid operations, and treat pain.

Main Programs

Intensive Stroke Recovery Program

Intensive Stroke Recovery Program, including regenerative medicine for brain cells, brain stimulation (TMS / NIBS treatment), physical and occupational therapy, preventive care, and complementary programs. Our programs are suitable for acute, recent or chronic stroke.

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Chronic Pain Treatment Program

Treating pain is our mission. We offer one week to longer programs for various types of pain using multi-disciplinary team to assess and provide treatments tailored to individual needs. Different technologies are available like shockwave, TMS, etc. Can be combined with relaxing or stress relief activities.

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Post Operative Rehabilitation

For joint, bone and tendon operations, post-operative rehabilitation provides faster and better healing, and full recovery of functions. We also work with specialists and clinics in case you wish to carry out the operation here. Complementary activities are available (for body, mind, and spirit)

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Brain Clinic

The Brain Clinic, also known as Dr. Surat’s Clinic, was established since 2016 and integrated into ChivaCare last year. The Brain Clinic focuses on treatments for all forms of brain and pain issues including migraine, stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and other diseases. Dr. Surat integrates evidence based creative treatments to help patients.

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NIBS Clinic

Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) applies high-technology using magnetic and direct current brain stimulation to treat brain, nerve, and muscle problems. Dr. Pakorn, our Harvard University graduated rehabilitation doctor, specializes in the treatment of stroke, cognitive impairments, chronic pain and other conditions.


Medical Massage and Wellness Studio

We offer medical and relaxing massage programs, physical fitness & lifestyle assessment, personal development and activities. At the core is our contemporary massage studio that integrates medical standards with local culture and nature. Our physical therapists work with our masseurs to provide the best treatments.


Other Services and Treatments

Other Services

Physical Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment
Sports Injury Treatment
Office Syndrome
Physical & Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Parkinson’s Disease Therapy Programs
Alzheimer’s Programs
Shockwave Treatment
Classes (i.e yoga, boxing)

Medical Tourism

Chiang Mai’s medical district is growing and we are right in the heart of it. ChivaCare has developed a network of partner clinics and we also have excellent links to the main hospitals and long stay facilities. All our programs come with residential options that match your needs. ChivaCare is a one-stop center for all medical needs in Chiang Mai and we can connect you to the right doctors, clinics and hospitals.


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