Chronic Pain Program

ChivaCare in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, specializes in treating pain of various types. We focus on medical evidence-based therapy, and complement pain therapy with recommendations based on a holistic assessment of root causes.

ChivaCare provides an ideal combination of medical care in an environment suited for pain treatment and lifestyle changes. We care for residents of Thailand as well as visitors and medical tourists.

Our overseas trained doctors and therapists are well-known experts in pain issues and cover both neurological and brain-related pain (migraine etc.) and as well as body, or physical, pain such as myofascial, office syndrome, osteoarthritis, lumbar back pain (lower back pain). They also understand the relationship between these two.

Within ChivaCare, we also have two clinics specializing in pain. The Brain Clinic specializes in neurological-related pain syndromes and in May 2019, we also opened the Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) Clinic. In addition, we have a close partnership with an orthopedic clinic at the Faculty of Associated Medical Science of Chiang Mai University.

Our standard program is a three week pain treatment course but other longer and shorter options as well as weekend options are also available.

Program Details – Main component

ChivaCare applies integrated medical therapies and evidence-based treatments in a person-centered and holistic way to address the patient’s specific medical condition. We can also assist with improved physical fitness and changes in lifestyle that can have a big impact on the patient’s health.

Day 1
          Arrival – Check-in – Assessment *

Day 2 – 6   Assessment/evaluation – the beginning of the program (AM or PM)
                    Agree on program, optional components, and optional activities on-site/off-site.

                    Physical therapy, NIBS (non-invasive brain-stimulation treatments), Occupational therapy treatment,
                    medical and therapeutic massage, and other physical, cognitive or mindfulness exercises.

Day 7          Evaluation, medical certificate, home program, check-out


** The program on day one depends on patient’s medical condition, distance traveled, time of arrival etc. Treatment may begin on Day 2. We also offer basic (economy) and gold program options.

Accommodation & Transportation

We work with a range of partners to provide optional accommodation options. They include 5-star resorts, 4-star hotels, boutique hotels, long stay facilities, and nursing homes.

Additional Activities (Optional Component)

Chiang Mai is an excellent area for cultural, educational, and creative activities. We can suggest and arrange a full program before or after arrival.

Rejuvenation and Fitness – (Optional Component)

The combination has a higher focus on mental and physical fitness and involves many exercises. It can be adjusted to current health condition, fitness, age, and preferences.


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