Medical Massage Studio

ChivaCare’s approach is based on medical and evidence-based treatments. We do not provide treatments for which there is little evidence. However, we firmly believe that a holistic approach can reduce the need for medicines, help reduce pain, improve recovery and offer preventive benefits.

Our Medical Massage and Health Studio provides in-house services including medical, therapeutic massage, physical-fitness and lifestyle assessment and personal plan development, and, in our creative health space, provide fitness, creative, social and educational activities.

Medical Massage

Our medical massage includes a variety of modalities with an initial assessment by a physical therapist or one of our doctors. All massage consultants are certified and qualified and receive regular in-house training and participate in case reviews.
Patient can also opt for more therapeutic and relaxing massage programs. Happiness and relaxation are also important to recovery.

Massage for Pain Treatment

Our medical massage has various applications and can be complementary to physical therapy treatments and pain treatment programs (e.g. massage to treatment of migraine). We integrate expertise from Thai traditional medicine and latest modern medicine.
ChivaCare’s enviroment is a modern medical care center with photography, craft pieces and artworks from local artisans. The Medical Massage Studio is a calming and gentle space created in collaboration with local designers, and leading local craft makers specializing in silks, naturally dyed and handwoven cotton.

Full Experience

We create a full sensory experience with a combination of sound therapy, scents, oils and natural organic creams as well as creams developed through R&D to enhance medical benefits. Our medical spa creates a link between ChivaCare and the natural surrounds, culture and heritage of Chiang Mai.

Creative Health Space

We offer specialized activities to train the mind and body, prevent or slow down dementia and improve memory and physical flexibility. Some of these activities involve art, music, craft or other educational tools.
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