Pain Therapy

ChivaCare specializes in treating pain of various types. We focus on medical evidence-based therapy, and complement pain therapy with recommendations based on a holistic assessment of root causes. Please also refer to our Brain Clinic for additional neurological-related pain syndromes.


Our center specializes in migraine care with a leading doctor and professional team. By integrating medical and physical therapy, we can provide ChivaCare’s “Smile Migraine” program to track and treat migraine with greater success. Other advanced therapy options to enhance treatment include Trigger Point Injection, Dry Needle Tap, Botulinum Injection and Electrical Stimulation.

Back and Neck Pain

When neck or back pain are result of injury or a medical condition, physical therapists and associates help find effective treatments. Our goal is to maximize daily activities while minimizing pain. Treatments include manual therapy, traction, electrical stimulation and ultrasound. Seeking help earlier, assists in preventing these conditions from becoming chronic.

Joint Pain

Joint and muscle pain can interfere with our ability to perform everyday activities. Our physical and occupational therapists use effective techniques to pinpoint source of joint or muscle pain, treat the symptoms and get patients back into their life at work, home or in the field. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn about treating joint or muscle pain.

Office Syndrome

Office Syndrome is a group of symptoms understood to be caused by unhealthy habits and misuse of muscles. Staying in the same posture for prolonged periods without sufficient activity, headaches, shoulder and back pain, numb fingers and arms, weak eyesight and dry eyes often result. These conditions are seen across populations of office workers in front of screens.

Myofascial Pain

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a set of common conditions sometimes related to lifestyle and work life. Often, muscle pain, numbness, fatigue and weakness can impact a person’s work and quality of life. Using a multimodality model across manual therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, traction, stretching and proper lifestyle, helps in regaining functionality and pain recovery.


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