Post Operative Rehab Program

If a patient is in need of surgery or recently had surgery and is looking for physical therapy and rehabilitation, ChivaCare can assist in various ways, including providing physical therapy in a relaxing environment, or recommending the best doctors for the patient’s specific needs.

ChivaCare in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand provides an ideal combination of medical care in an environment suited for recovery from surgery. We care for residents of Thailand as well as visitors and medical tourists. Our rehabilitation doctor works closely with our therapists to help with healing, pain reduction and recovery of function. We also closely work with an orthopedic specialists and other doctors if necessary.

Post operative rehab programs :

– Knee surgery
– Spine surgery
– Joint surgery
– Sport injury surgery
– Other surgery which results in body movement difficulties

The importance of post operative rehabilitation

After a patient goes through surgery, abnormalities are corrected, but the body also suffers from injury as well. While the body is healing, without receiving the right therapy , other abnormalities, such as muscle contracture and stiffening can occur.Therefore, to receive the right treatment after surgery is critical to a patient’s recovery.

Recovery after an operation requires patients to return to normal living as much as possible. Physical therapy after the operation of a joint, bone, muscle or tendon is as almost as important as the operation itself. Proper, well-planned and personalized physical therapy helps with bone and wound healing, tissue repair, reduces scars, and leads to better functionality and flexibility. Without good post-operative rehabilitation, problems might occur and could lead re-operation which is more difficult to treat. Occupational therapy might also be appropriate if smaller bones and joints are involved. Our doctor specializing in pain could assist during the early phase when there is still some pain during movement

It is possible to achieve significant improvement. Many people do not complete their physio-rehab programs. Motivation and time are key issues for effective rehabilitation. Chiang Mai and ChivaCare provide ideal combination for a relaxed and supportive environment that provides good structure, but also a high-level of motivating factors due to the hospitality of our staff, the people and the entire city. Moreover, some operations you can plan, choosing the best time for your personal rehabilitation and rebooting Chiang Mai. Our standard program is the rehabilitation after an operation; however, we can also offer patients to do the operation while in Chiang Mai together with other medical needs that they may wish to address (dental and wellness are very popular).

Aside from providing post operative surgery, we can also coordinate with other specialists to adjust the treatment according to your needs. We believe that you deserve the best for your health.

Program Details – Main component

ChivaCare applies integrated medical therapies and evidence-based treatments in a person-centered and holistic way to address the patient’s specific medical condition. We can also assist with improved physical fitness and changes in lifestyle that can have a big impact on the patient’s health.

Day 1
          Arrival – Check-in – Assessment *

Day 2 – 6   Assessment/evaluation – the beginning of the program (AM or PM)
                    Agree on program, optional components, and optional activities on-site/off-site.

                    Physical therapy, regenerative medicine, NIBS (non-invasive brain-stimulation treatments), Occupational therapy treatment,
                    medical and therapeutic massage, and other physical, cognitive or mindfulness exercises.

Day 7          Evaluation, medical certificate, home program, check-out

** The program on day one depends on patient’s medical condition, distance traveled, time of arrival etc. Treatment may begin on Day 2. We also offer basic (economy) and gold program options.

Accommodation & Transportation

We work with a range of partners to provide optional accommodation options. They include 5-star resorts, 4-star hotels, boutique hotels, long stay facilities, and nursing homes.

Additional Activities (Optional Component)

Chiang Mai is an excellent area for cultural, educational, and creative activities. We can suggest and arrange a full program before or after arrival.

Rejuvenation and Fitness – (Optional Component)

The combination has a higher focus on mental and physical fitness and involves many exercises. It can be adjusted to current health condition, fitness, age, and preferences.


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