Holistic Rehabilitation


At our center in the heart of Chiang Mai, ChivaCare offers evidence-based services for treating pain and symptoms requiring rehabilitation. We also offer activities to improve movement, memory, and wellness as well as better-living programs and services.

Through consultation with our doctors and therapists, our rehabilitation program matches patient requirements, working with our patients in a friendly, systematic way to achieve real improvements. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Parkinson’s Disease

Treatment programs for rehabilitation and recovery of patients with Parkinson’s disease consists of holistic medical evaluations by an expert in the field. We also look at related conditions such as bone defects, balance issues, mental condition and memory. We create physical therapies specific to patients: treatments include Metronome Therapy and balance training, and we offer home modification advice for better, safer living at home.
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Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovery after a stroke or paralysis requires patients to return to normal life as much as possible. With the the right techniques and tools, the brain heals through the neuroplasticity regeneration process. ChivaCare’s programs use specialized medicine and physiotherapy to help you (or loved ones) restore lost brain function and recover.
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Office Syndrome and Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Office syndrome and myofascial pain are common conditions related to working activity. Such diseases cause pain, numbness, fatigue and weakness, and impact work and quality of life. We use multiple modality treatments such as manual therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, stretching, and lifestyle suggestions to facilitate recovery.


Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease cause brain regression impacting mental functions such as thinking, decision making, language usage, mood and behavior. Our multidisciplinary treatment combines medication, cognitive training, environmental adjustment and training in patient support for your loved ones to facilitate healing and slow the degenerative process.
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Post-operative Rehabilitation

Our post-surgical programs re-establish joint motion, muscle strength around the joint and ultimately joint function. Rehabilitation progresses by safely increasing workloads and stimuli on the repaired joint and muscle during the recovery process.
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