The physical fitness check-ups with lifestyle assessment

The physical fitness check-up assesses your strength, balance, posture, flexibility, functional movement score, and is useful for all ages in both in treatment and prevention cases.

Are you planning new exercises or lifestyle changes? Or do you have some pain or had an operation? What should you consider, what are you options?

Annual health Checks-ups with a blood test, x-ray, etc. are important, but are they enough? Your body might have other problems not identified by these tests. Consider this assessment to be like an eye test, but for the body.

The comprehensive assessment consists of over twenty tests and exercises to international standards and is conducted by our certified physical and occupational therapists. It takes 90 minutes including the lifestyle assessment.

The assessment includes a report and recommendations for improving your health and an optional cognitive test. The results, report, and recommendations are sent to you within a week and you can have an optional second appointment to discuss the results with a therapist or a doctor.

This assessment is very useful for persons with office syndrome, lower back problems, hypertension, and weight issues, or pain during favorite spots and activities. For the elderly, the test and recommendation can be used to develop a plan for improvement and active aging.

Be sure that you know your body’s true health and understand what you can do to improve it.