What is Eartone?

What is Eartone? 

Eartone at ChivaCare Chiang Mai, is an ear and hearing aid center operated by Eartone (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of hearing health care equipment, especially hearing aids in Thailand. It has been established for nearly twenty years.

● Assessment Service
Check a person’s hearing through accurate standardized hearing tests. The test is conducted by putting sounds through varied ear-buds. The examiner conducting the test determines the effectiveness of each one.

● Consultation
Provide advice and counseling. Following the external examination, an auditory nerve specialist evaluates the person’s level of hearing and extent of deafness.This provides measures to determine what sort of hearing aid should be used. The specialist explains the type and size of available accessories and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of hearing aid.

● Repair and After-sales Service
Eartone at ChivaCare Chiang Mai offers the assessment service and consultation, as well as cleaning existing hearing aids, using precise and effective modern equipment. Eartone at ChivaCare is certified based on standards established by
Phonak, Hansaton, Beltone, Interton.