This light aluminium alloy wheelchair is the perfect aid for those with difficulty of walking. It is foldable, easy for storage and transport giving you great agility for your daily life.

8,000.00฿ Price incl. VAT: 8,000.00฿

Let us help you keep your balance. This walking stick not only that it is light but also easy to carry. The comfortable handle will allow you to take a long walk without having anything to worry.

400.00฿ Price incl. VAT: 400.00฿

The folding design allow you to take this cane anywhere with little effort. The safety lock provides extra stability while mobilising and with adjustable height you can make it suitable with your preference.

700.00฿ Price incl. VAT: 700.00฿


Trusty Cane

The cane features extra wide pivoting head adding more balance to your mobility on both even and uneven surfaces. It is foldable and lightweight with adjustable height and LED light to aid your sight at a dim place.

380.00฿ Price incl. VAT: 380.00฿

Get Up & Go Cane is a high quality aluminium walking stick designed specially to assist elderly mobility, increasing confidence of each pace with its double handles, wide base and a rubber stopper at the point of contacts.

630.00฿ Price incl. VAT: 630.00฿



The Four Wheel Rollator is ideal for uneven surfaces and outdoor terrain, providing reliable support with maximum comfort. The deluxe loop locks ensure maximum safety with a convenient basket for personal belongings.

3,900.00฿ Price incl. VAT: 3,900.00฿