The soft geltin capsules contain vitamin D3, one of the most essential forms among vitamin D contributing to the prevention of bone disorders, muscle functions and the immune system. The easy-to-swallow capsules are also chewable.

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Chromium, an essential mineral and contributes to process of converting foods to energy which plays parts in maintaining blood sugar levels. Produced under the highest pharmaceutical standards using organic source, ensures safety and excellent absorption rate.

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Formulated from decades of research, Bio-Quinone Co-Q10 ensures supreme quality. The content contained in exclusively developed lightproof softgels, is CoQ10, an essential substance that supports muscle functions along with the immune system.

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As magnesium is present in every cell. Its contribution is in all major parts and systems of the body; muscle, bones and teeth, and nerves. Each tablet is merged with three kinds of magnesium salts, bound to make it highly absorbable, and dissolved within mere minutes. Highly soluble and absorbable magnesium.

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Selenium, a trace element, aids in preventing cell damage, well-functioning of immune system, and is a plus for maintaining healthy hair and nails. Produced from patented ingredient, the contents are highly absorbable and notably stable.

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A powerful supplement in assisting blood flow, this herbal remedy extracted from refined gingko leaves, is also known in help maintaining a good cognitive function, and providing relief for cold hands and feet.

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Crafted from patented extraction process, this supplement, not only is a plus blood circulation in the body, but also contains antioxidant compounds. Ingredients are pesticide free and no toxic solvents are used during the process.

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Glucosamine can be found in joints. Together with other nutrients, it serves as building blocks of the cartilage. And while joints is directly impacted by physical movement, keeping your joints healthy could significantly benefit your quality of life.

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Accu-Chek Performa, a user-friendly blood sugar meter, requires no set-up, assures quick results displayed on an easy-reading screen, and features alert function to assist in your healthy active life.

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Small in size. Big in performance. The test stripes are compatible with Accu-Chek Performa blood sugar level meter, easy to use and guaranteed accurate results.

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A ready-to-use pack features Accu-Chek Performa blood sugar meter and test stripes. Users can expect the result within five seconds. Alerts function is featured to assist in your healthy active life.

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