Handle Exercise

TheraBand Elastic Resistance Accessories increase the amount of Exercise you can do in combination with resistance bands and tubing. The accessories are easy-to-use and allow for multiple upper and lower body Exercise.

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Rubik Anaconda

New Brain Teaser 4x4x4 cube puzzle wooden toy Anaconda Game Thailand

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Tri Domino

Playing dominos is fun. And Tri-Domino is three times as much fun! Objective: The triangular tiles must be laid in such a way that a large triangle with a 4 or 5-fold edge length is created. 2 – 4 players will have a lot of pleasure playing the game.

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Egg Puzzle

Designed to engage the psyche, the Great Minds series brings together intellectually stimulating puzzles with some of the greatest thinkers from throughout history. Each puzzle reflects an aspect of the “Great Mind” who inspired it, as well as a brief history of their life and achievements, combining learning and play. Perfect for any science whizz or history maven, keep these alluring puzzles out in the open??they’ll attract and keep the attention of your friends!

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15-30 mins.

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